Why choose EGECO?

Egeco was founded with the main purpose to perform the construction of industrial plants in Russia.

The Egeco Spb  is specialised  in providing Staff and Specialized personnel to a vast range of Clients.



EGECO Headquarters are located in St. Petersburg (Russia), where marketing and sales, administration, recruitment, operation and engineering offices are based.

Representative offices are based worldwide, the mainstream management based in St. Petersburg provides the regional operation and production units with all necessary assistance required to achieve successful project execution.

Each company / branch maintains its specific area of expertise and its operating capability.

EGECO operate and cooperate worldwide and doesn't have any conflict or restriction in any country in the world. The advantage for our clients is that they receive higher quality services and lower prices.

EGECO Group employ personnel mainly from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic Republic, Portugal, Romania, Italy and Croatia for the European market, and if the requirements of the work are favourable we can increase the type of nationalities of our personnel (Asiatic for example).

A flexible organisation, men at your service with an excellent capacity of adaptation, particularly dedicated to the respect of the commitments taken by the Company, services of quality enable us to fulfil all the requests and requirements of diversified Customers.

Egeco organization

The Group

The Group consists of the following company operating in a fully integrated way:

EGECO Spb St. Petersburg Russia
CMN Ltd Seixal Lisbon Portugal
EGECO Ltd Burgas Bulgaria
EGECO sp.z.o.o. Warsaw
EURO Team Managemt Warsaw Poland

Each company/branch maintains its specific area of expertise and its operating capability.

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